Spell Bent starring Jamie Hart and Lory Mpiana

The Making of the Spell Bent Pilot

About Spell Bent Hidden away in the city of Toronto is an underground society of magical witches. They live in fear of being discovered by Carnifex, an ancient order of witch hunters. Non-magical residents or Voids are unaware of the battle being waged on their streets. Halley Highcroft, a young witch, goes on a forbidden…

Spell Bent – Halloween teaser release

Left to right: At the Owlet’s Wing – Jamie Hart as Killian Drake, Isaac Cunningham as Malchior Highcroft and Lory Mpiana as Halley Highcroft.   We are excited to share the one minute teaser for our soon-to-be-released pilot episode of Spell Bent, just in time for Halloween! Over the past summer our team has been…

Little India: Village of Dreams Scores CSA Nomination

Producers Nina Beveridge and Paul Hart would like to give a big shout-out to the amazing sound team that worked on “Little India: Village of Dreams”. Congratulations to Co-Composers Philip Strong and Thomas Hoy who are nominated for “Best Original Music, Non-Fiction”. We are getting excited to attend the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards dinner on March 6th!…


Beevision is owned and run by partners Paul Hart and Nina Beveridge. Beevision delivers quality concept development and design, video production, editing, animation and web design to independent producers, TV networks, agencies and corporate clients. We have worked on a wide spectrum of projects including factual series, documentaries, visual effects, commercials, corporate video, broadcast design and web…

Jess Moskaluke “Past The Past”

Client: Joel Stewart. Directed by Joel Stewart. Edited by Paul Hart. This poignant music video featuring the talented Jess Moskaluke is the title track from the 2018 Juno nominated “Country Album of the Year Award”, “Past The Past”. Paul edited and did the colour correction for director Joel Stewart and MDM Recordings. Watch the music…

Nina Beveridge

Producer/ Director / Creative Director Nina is an independent producer/director and entrepreneur with 30+ years of film, video and digital media production. Committed to innovation, curiosity and creativity, Nina has worked in many capacities including: producer, director, writer, production/project manager, creative director, animator and DM designer. Nina is the President / Co-owner of Beevision Productions. In…

Paul Hart

Editor/Director/Producer/Writer Paul is co owner of Beevision Productions and Hop To It Productions. A creative thinker with excellent team skills and strong storytelling abilities, Paul is passionate about music, film and comedy. Paul’s body of work includes feature films, broadcast and multi-platform documentaries, TV series, commercials, and music videos. At the age of 21 Paul…

Nina Beveridge Project History

. 2019-2020 – Producer– Sloppy Jones sizzle reel(Hop To It Productions – In Development) 2019-2020 – Producer/Director/Writer – World of Witchcraft, The Culture of the Modern Witch(In Development) 2020 – Production Manager – World’s Biggest Family (Big Family Productions/Barry Stevens/CBC POV Docs) A documentary exploring how anonymity in the business practices of Donor Insemination affects Donor recipients.…

Jamie Hart

Writer/Actor Jamie Hart grew up in the Beevision studio. Being in the edit suite, on set and often in front of the camera for Beevision sparked a life-long passion for acting and writing. Most recently Jamie is a co-creator, co-writer and actor on the Sloppy Jones show. Along with her co-creators Sophie Nation and Jonathan…

2017 One Horse Town with Darius Rucker

Client: Corus Entertainment / CMT Directed by Joel Stewart. Edited by Paul Hart. This was the third year in a row that Joel Stewart and Paul Hart teamed up for these docu-concerts, aired on CMT. Sponsored by Coors Banquet, this year Moosejaw, Saskatchewan was the winning small town, earning the right to be showcased and…

UFCW AGM Opening Animation

Client: UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers Union) Produced by: Chris Cody and Joan Prowse Animation and Editing by: Paul Hart Joan Prowse of Cine Focus Canada recommended Paul and Nina to provide UFCW with an animated opening for their 2017 annual conference in Montreal. The 60 sec. After Effects animation was done in 8K…


Village of Dreams Multi-Platform documentary

 DOCUMENTARY FILM Produced in Association with TVOntario Producer/Director Nina Beveridge Producer/Editor Paul Hart Cinematographer Bongo Kolycius Composers Phil Strong and Thomas Hoy LITTLE INDIA: VILLAGE OF DREAMS is currently nominated for a 2018 Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Soundtrack, Non-Fiction. Little India: Village of Dreams premiered on July 1, 2017 (Canada Day) on…

Little India: Village Of Dreams – A film by Nina Beveridge

World Broadcast Premiere TVO 9:00 PM July 1, 2017 Little India: Village of Dreams will be available across Canada day after broadcast on tvo.org A storied Toronto South-Asian ‘hood serves as a metaphor For a New Canadian “next-generation” experience In Nina Beveridge’s Little India:Village Of Dreams   TRAILER   Once accurately described as “Little India,”…

Meet The Villagers

Following is a series of video portraits about some of the entrepreneurs in Gerrard India Bazaar (aka Little India) created for the LITTLE INDIA:VILLAGE OF DREAMS documentary. Please select a video and enjoy! SWIPE LEFT OR RIGHT TO SEE MORE   VILLAGE OF DREAMS WEB SHORTS GALLERY– www.villageofdreams.ca/villagers/ WEB SHORTS HOSTED ON YOUTUBE – See…

NO Limits – Thalidomider Stories

THALIDOMIDER STORIES Client: Real to Reel Productions Producer: Anne Pick Writer: Bill Spahic Research: Isabella Kempf Project Management & Web Design: Nina Beveridge Web Developers: Chris Monson & Michael Tucker THALIDOMIDER STORIES are a central component of the NO Limits website. Focussing on nine thalidomiders, we created a series of character-driven interactive POV web shorts,…

NO Limits

Client: Real to Reel Productions URL: www.thalidomidestory.com NO LIMITS reveals the true story that Grünenthal, the German inventor and manufacturer of Thalidomide knew about debilitating effects of its drug on babies but continued to sell the pills to unsuspecting pregnant women around the world who were taking a drug they were told was ‘safe’, to offset…

TVO unveils Canada 150 doc programming

By Regan Reid January 4, 2017 …”Beevision Productions’ Village of Dreams (pictured), directed by Nina Beveridge, who produced alongside Paul Hart, will go to air in the summer.” Producer/Director Nina Beveridge, Producer/Sound Recordist/Editor Paul Hart and Cinematographer Bongo Kolycius have had a busy year filming the Village of Dreams documentary in Toronto’s Gerrard India Bazaar.…

Hop To It

Hop To It Productions Inc.  is a an independent media production company founded in 2006, owned 50% by Nina Beveridge and Paul Hart of Beevision Productions and 50% by Susan Nation. Website www.hoptoitproductions.com. Hop To It was set up to develop, produce and market innovative multi-platform content and products that empower, entertain, engage, and sell well…

Brett Kissel Home Movie

Winner of the 2017 CCMA for “Best Country Production” Client: Corus Entertainment / CMT Directed by Joel Stewart. Edited by Paul Hart. This quirky one hour docu-concert follows Brett back to his hometown of St. Paul, Alberta. We meet his charming family and get to know Brett through his friends and fellow townspeople. They are…

Village of Dreams Now in Development

Village Of Dreams Development Trailer Beevision Productions in Development with TVOntario on “Village of Dreams & villageofdreams.ca” Monday, February 1, 2016 – Beevision Productions proudly announces a new development deal with TVOntario for Village of Dreams, a cross-platform documentary, in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. The film explores and reflects upon the dreams, desires and…


  Client:  Ve’ahavta  This three-minute animated video introduces the aims, objectives and programs of Ve’havata, an organization which embodies the “Jewish humanitarian response to poverty”. Read more about the organization and our project in our blog. Script development by Vaclovas Verikaitis. Original sketches by Julia Chabad. Storyboards & Photoshop design by Nina Beveridge. Motion Graphics and Editing…

Teletoon Double Play

Teletoon Double Play Client: Corus Entertainment Featuring: Double Play Hosts Jamie and Jon Paul Hart has been freelancing at Corus for several years now. While there he has worked on hundreds of comedy skits, series, on air promos, interstitials and sponsored vignettes. His work there has been featured on W, W Movies, Spark, YTV, Teletoon,…

Celebrating Tikun Olam with Ve’ahavta

In winter 2015 Beevision had the opportunity to work with an organization called Ve’ahavta (www.veahavta.org) to create an animated video describing the great work that they do. “Tikun Olam” is the Hebrew term for the Jewish belief that it is humankind’s duty to support God’s work by “repairing the world”. For Ve’ahavata, that means working to enact social action and social justice, both locally…

Interview with NINA BEVERIDGE – Canadian Filmmaker, Daughter of James Beveridge

South and South-East Asia Documentary Film Research Website I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Camille Deprez about my father, Documentary Pioneer James Beveridge. Dr. Deprez is leading a research programme  that “will explore the field of South and South-East Asia documentary film (including Hong Kong/Macau) as a historical and contemporary phenomenon. This…

2015 Coors Banquet One Horse Town

Client:  Corus Entertainment / CMT Directed by Joel Stewart. Edited by Paul Hart This one hour special took place in LaCombe , Alberta. The town competed via social media against 700 other small towns across Canada to win a full blown concert on their main street. The free beer was flowing as the whole town…

High Valley Home Movie

*Editors Paul Hart and  Paul Hessell (Corus) nominated for a “2016 Canadian Cinema Editors Award.” Client:  Corus Entertainment / CMT Directed by Joel Stewart. Edited by Paul Hart. This docu-concert for CMT featured “High Valley” returning home from Nashville to small town La Crete, Alberta for a full blown concert and visit with family and friends.…

“The Original Net Artists” on VICE

It was great to travel back in time to the early days of my career, fresh out of University, when a group of enterprising artist-nerds, lead by Bill Perry, formed TCV (Toronto Community Videotex) to explore TELIDON technology. Our mission was to explore TELIDON and to share our knowledge with the artistic community. This lead…

The Messenger and Songbird SOS

Client: SongbirdSOS Productions Inc. Nina Beveridge assisted with the upgrade of the website in support of the premieres for two documentaries. Both are international co-productions with Films à Cinq. The first of these is  SongbirdSOS,  a one hour TV documentary for CBC – The Nature of Things. The hour is a wide-ranging zoological whodunit that takes the viewer…

The Messenger a success on indiegogo

Congratulations to Producer Joanne Jackson, Director/Producer Su Rynard and Impact Producer JoAnne Fishburn for running a dynamic crowdfunding campaign in indiegogo! We exceeded our target of $50,000! Nina Beveridge worked with the team to provide online support: designing web pages, community mobilization tools, indiegogo crowdfunding tools, strategies, newsletter design, twitter & facebook outreach and general campaign management.…

Shawn Mendes – One2One


Client: Corus Entertainment / CMT
Directed by Joel Stewart.
Edited by Paul Hart.

One2One is a half hour music series hosted by Paul McGuire. This episode features a live performance by and interview with youth sensation Shawn Mendes.

Rupert’s Land with the Cowboy Junkies

Rupert’s Land: The Promise of Canada Feature length documentary. We are seeking broadcast partners and financing for this project.  A musically driven, coast-to-coast exploration of the people of pre-confederation Canada. Presented by the Cowboy Junkies, co-written with Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson of the Skydiggers with a selection of regional artists collaborating, this evocative musical and visual exploration of early life and…

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Awareness Campaign
Client:  HJC Productions
Produced and directed by Mark Johnston.
Editing and graphics by Paul Hart.

One of a series of spots that were created as part of an awareness campaign against torture.

The American Heart Association

Client: HJC & Mark Johnston
Directed by Mark Johnston.
Edited by Paul Hart.

The American Heart Association used this fundraising video for an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for training medical workers in India.

The Name Game

This game was created to add a playful element to the whimsical website www.celebratingeccentrics.com. Give it a spin to discover what your eccentric name is! © 2014 Real to Reel Productions Producers Bill Spahic and Anne Pick Designer Nina Beveridge Illustrator Ian Culley Web Developer Chris Monson Published with the permission of Real to Reel…

Celebrating Eccentrics

Client: Real to Reel Productions Inc. This website celebrates all things eccentric and complements a film by John Zaritsky called “A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics”. It features a blog by Dr. David Weeks, the world’s foremost expert on eccentricity, an Eccentricity quiz by Dr. Week’s, a Name Game and lots of other goodies. Produced by Bill Spahic and Anne Pick Designed and…

Talent Hounds

Talent Hounds Multi-Platform project – documentary, limited series and online community URL: www.talenthounds.ca Client: Hop To It Productions Talent Hounds is a TV series and web community that celebrates dogs. Produced and directed by Susan Nation. TV series edited by Beevision – James Yates and Paul Hart. Web consultation and graphic design (support role) by Nina…

Deric Ruttan – Live At The Edison


Client: Corus Television / CMT
Directed by Joel Stewart.
Edited by Paul Hart.

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Deric Ruttan takes the time to chat with CMT about what’s important in life, and what’s next for him before delivering a rousing and infectious set at The Edison.


To The Wire


Client: TSN and CMT
Directed by Melissa McRae.
Produced by Joel Stewart.
Edited by Paul Hart.

This one hour documentary special follows five horses and their trainers in their journey leading up to the Queen’s Plate – Canada’s most prestigious horse race.

The Maestro and the Master

Client: Up Front Entertainment for TVO Produced by Up Front Entertainment.   Producers Linda Stregger and Barbara Barde. Directed by Yosif Feyginberg. Edited by Deborah Palloway. Online edit, motion graphics & titles by Paul Hart. This one hour documentary follows Canadian architect Jack Diamond and Russia’s famous conductor Velery Gergiev  as they oversee the building…

Hunter Hayes – One2One


Client: Corus Entertainment
Directed by Joel Stewart.
Edited by Paul Hart.

One2One is a half hour music series. This episode features a live performance by the Nashville Superstar Hunter Hayes and a sit down interview with host Paul McGuire.

Luke Bryan – One2One


Client: Corus Entertainment / CMT
Directed by Joel Stewart.
Edited by Paul Hart.

One2One is a half hour music series. This episode features a live performance by Grammy Award winning, country superstar Luke Bryan and a sit down interview with host Paul McGuire.

Florida Georgia Line – One2One


Client: Corus Entertainment
Directed by Joel Stewart.
Edited by Paul Hart.

One2One is a half hour music series. This episode features a live performance by the hugely successful Florida Georgia Line and a sit down interview with host Paul McGuire.

The Museum Diaries

Client: Upfront Entertainment for TVO. Producers Linda Stregger and Barbara Barde. Directed by Jaime Escallon-Buraglia. Production Manager Nina Beveridge. Edited by Paul Hart and James Yates / Beevision Productions. The Museum Diaries is a series that provides viewers extraordinary access to forty galleries and six million artifacts from the comfort of their own home. As each…

The Miracle of KA 114

Client: Cinema 16 Produced by Cinema 16 Executive Producer Mark Johnston. Directed by Sandy Thomson. Online editor, colour correction and titles by Paul Hart. This one hour documentary was shot over nine years and follows the most ambitious restoration of a WW2 aircraft ever undertaken. Woven in to the film are first hand accounts of…

Olympic Spirit Group

Beevision is an Official Development Partner of the Olympic Spirit Group. 
Olympic Spirit offers visitors a taste of what it’s like to be an Olympic athlete in a highly participative and exciting environment, using the latest developments in interactive display, simulation and video technology. Olympic Spirit is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee worldwide,…

Team Adrenaline

Team Adrenaline was the inspiration of Executive Producer Gordon James, Producer Nina Beveridge and Director Paul Hart, who formed the company in order to produce a state of the art showcase film for Olympic Spirit Toronto, (an Olympic themed entertainment centre). Together we assembled a creative group of media professionals who shared a passion for…

The Ghosts In Our Machine

Produced by Ghosts Media Inc. URL: www.theghostsinourmachine.com The Ghosts In Our Machine is a cross-platform documentary directed by Liz Marshall, featuring animal rights photographer Jo-Anne McArthur. Produced by Nina Beveridge and Liz Marshall for documentary. With the exception of our companion animals and a few wild and stray species within our urban environments, we experience animals daily only…

Deadly by Design

Client: Up Front Entertainment for CBC Doc Zone
Producers Linda Stregger and Barbara Barde.
Directed by Jaime Escallon-Buraglia.
Editing, colour correction and online by Paul Hart/Beevision.

A one hour documentary for  about the booming and deadly business of Ecstasy and Crystal Meth manufacturing in Canada.

Watch the documentary on CBC online here.

Jason McCoy Eats America

Six part series. Client: Corus Entertainment / CMT Directed by Joel Stewart for CMT. Edited by Paul Hart ( 3 x 30 minute episodes of the 6 part series.) Each episode features Country artist Jason McCoy in a different southern state where he visits awesome restaurants, meets quirky folk artists and explores cool off the…

CMT Presents Dean Brody

One-hour docu-concert. Winner of the 2013 CCMA for Country Music Program or Special. Client: Corus Entertainment Nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the Best Music Program or Series category. Directed by Joel Stewart for Corus Entertainment. Edited by Paul Hart Between songs at a live concert in Calgary, Dean Brody returns to Jaffray, B.C.…

Commercial Reel

A compilation of commercials that Beevision has produced, edited and/or animated.

Clients: multiple

Some of the fantastic Beevision staff who contributed to this reel are:
Animators Julia Chabad, Adam Bradovka, Khi Hyun-Kim, Zane Waldman, Ammon Riley, Jordan Priede, Marg McGhie
Production managers Meghan Chin & Kim Plate.




Client: DOC – Documentary Association of Canada

Project Manager Nina Beveridge worked with DOC Executive Director Lisa Fitzgibbons, Druple Guru Kevin Walsh and Editor/Writer Robing Koning to redesign the DOCspace community website pilot.

URL: www.docspace.ca (delisted)







Green Heroes Campaign Shorts

 TV series Green Heroes Client: Cinefocus Produced by CineFocus Canada for TVOntario. Webisodes edited by Paul Hart and Joan Prowse See Campaigns here. Paul Hart edited a series of webisode “campaigns” about interesting characters and issues outside the main TV series. His favourite webisode was about Wangari Maathai. Green Heroes features the stories of…

Green Heroes

 TV series Green Heroes Client: Cinefocus Produced by CineFocus Canada for TVOntario. Editing, Online and Motion Graphics by Paul Hart (Seasons 1 & 2) Opening animation by Paul Hart Green Heroes features the stories of corporate knights, public figures and everyday people who tell their transformative stories. Each episode profiles someone, who in a single moment,…

Manoir Montefiore

Manoir Montefiore Customer Sales video
Client: Revera
A documentary-style corporate video to be used as a customer sales tool for Manoir Montefiore.
Produced by Beevision in association with Ron Rimer Productions.
Directed and edited by Paul Hart.

Are You Ready?

Music Video Client: Judith Keenan Produced by Judith Keenan. “Are You Ready?” Written by Paul Quarrington, Martin Worthy and Dan Hill. Featuring Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale, Colin Linden, Rick Brown, Gary Craig, Aaron Davis and Steve Henry. Edited by Paul Hart. This music video was made for the “Paul Quarrington, Life In Music” documentary…

Suck It Up Princess

Client: OMNI Television / Hop To It Productions This 1 hour Documentary in English and Portuguese is a powerful exploration of courage and strength. A musically enhanced one hour view into the world of Renee Rodrigues, 19 year old website designer, moderator, reporter, charity organizer and victim of degenerative congenital muscular dystrophy. Renee had a…

It’s A Party!

This is one of three music videos created for Pop It! season two, our dance series for kids. Produced for TVO by Hop To It Productions Produced by Susan Nation and Nina Beveridge. Directed, edited and composited by Paul Hart. Written by Suzana “Soda” Garcia. Performed by Suzana “Soda” Garcia and choreographed by Mark Samuels.…

Jump, Jump!

“Jump, Jump!” is one of three music videos created for Pop It! season two, our dance series for kids. Produced for TVO by Hop To It Productions Produced by Susan Nation and Nina Beveridge. Directed and edited by Paul Hart. “Jump, Jump!” written by Jordan “J-Man” Francis Performed by Jordan “J-Man” Francis and choreographed by…

Man Investments

Man Investments – Risk
Man Investments commercial campaign
Client: Working Brands
Producer/Agency: Drew Williams
Directed and edited by Paul Hart.

Beevision handled the production and post production on this series of green screen spots.

Cupid’s Café

Client: Hop To It Productions A cross-platform romantic comedy produced by Susan Nation and Nina Beveridge, directed and edited by Paul Hart. The Cupid’s Café website was powered by our proprietary website mashup software S-MasH™. S-MasH™ allowed us to create a romantic mash-up tool called Lovemania where users created and shared their own romantic storylines. In…

Pop It! online classes

Client: TVO Produced by Susan Nation and Nina Beveridge. Directed and Edited by Paul Hart The Pop It! stars, Briana, Shemar and Lamar teach their dance classes online. The moves are broken down into counts of 8. This is an optimal way to to teach hip hop dance, an 8 count at a time. “Pop…

Pop It!

Client:  TVO “Pop It!” interactive dance-along TV series for kids age 6 to 11 that offers fun, exercise and entertainment. Each show features a catchy original pop song, cool music video clips and our 3 charismatic young hosts teaching routines from the video clips. Now kids can dance like a music video star and get…


 So You Like To Play Video Games? Client: Playdium Educational video produced for Playdium to play for school groups. It gives students an overview of the different job opportunities available in the world of video gaming. Beevision developed the script, storyboard and handled the shoot and post. Written, Produced and Directed by Nina Beveridge Edited and…

CMC Markets

 CMC Markets Trading Advantages Client: Working Brands These spots are form a series of green screen commercials for CMC Markets. Creative development and storyboarding by Drew Williams for Working Brands. Beevision handled all aspects of the production (casting/shoot) and post-production (animation/editing/sound). Producer Drew Williams. Production Manager Nina Beveridge. Directed by Paul Hart. Edited and…

Broadcast Design Reel

From 1993 – 2007 Beevision created broadcast design, visual effects and high end corporate animation. We were big fans of Side Effects Software, the creators of Houdini, we had a bunch of Houdini workstations, a Jaleo in the compositing suite and a Gemini award winning Puppetworks Digital Motion Capture system. It’s amazing to think of how far technology has advanced since…

Visual Effects Reel

From 1993 – 2007 Beevision created broadcast design, visual effects and high end corporate animation. We were big fans of Side Effects Software, the creators of Houdini, we had a bunch of Houdini workstations, a Jaleo in the compositing suite and a Gemini award winning Puppetworks Digital Motion Capture system. Some of the fantastic Beevision staff who contributed to this…

Rogers Dance Breaks

Client: Rogers Television / Hop To It Productions Produced by Susan Nation. Design & editing by Beevision Productions. Dance Breaks are 40 x 1 minute video shorts showcasing Hip-Hop moves from some of the top dancers in the world. These videos played across Canada on Pizza Pizza’s in-store television network. Watch a sample Dance Break with…

Canadian Centre for Diversity

  Client: Canadian Centre For Diversity* These videos were produced for the CCD annual fund raising dinner. It features students that participated in various programs run by the centre and uses the many forms of dance as a metaphor for diversity. Directed and edited by Paul Hart. Produced by Nina Beveridge and Gordon James.…

Hip-Hop in the T-Dot

Client: Rogers Television / Hop To It Productions Produced by Susan Nation. Design & editing by Beevision Productions. Learn the latest dance moves in 12 x 4 minute classes from some of the top young hip hop dancers in the world. URL is no longer active. See a sample class with Mark Samuels here.  …

Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires
Client: The Television Shoppe – Ross Ulysses Munro
Beevision handled the editing and finishing on this series of Yokohama Tire spots.
Producer Ross Ulysses Munro.
Edited and Animated by Paul Hart.

Windsor System Saver

Windsor System Saver
Client: 3H Communications
Beevision handled this this series of spots for 3H Communications from beginning to end, including the storyboard, shoot, animation and post production.

Back to Delhi

Sunday, November 14, 2004 Poor Paul, he is out of commission today. A case of Delhi Belly it seems. Nothing that a little arsenic won’t cure. At least that’s what I found out during the interview with Mike and Ranjana Pandey today. I interviewed Mike Pandey at the Delhi Zoo, by the pelican pond. Sadly,…


Monday, November 8, 2004 We caught an early morning flight this morning to Mumbai – my birthplace. We got settled into the hotel and interviewed Vijaya Mulay in the afternoon. Tuesday, November 9, 2004 Today we spent the day at the Indian Films Division, where, it turns out, my Dad was the Chief Consultant for…


Sunday, November 7, 2004 Today we went to Carterpuri village where we interviewed Sadhan Mulick who worked with Dad on the SITE experiments. He helped us to set up a reenactment in his village of those experiments. It was really quite extraordinary. We also got some great interviews with some of the village people who…


Monday, November 1, 2004 It was last minute, but our Visas came through just in time and we left for India tonight at 9:30. Tuesday, November 2, 2004 Getting back to Delhi is like coming home. I was born here, and while so many things have changed since I last visited, it still feels like…


Rudy Buttignol, President & CEO, Knowledge Network. Formerly TVO’s Commissioning Editor and Creative Head of Independent Production. He was also a student of James Beveridge at York University’s newly formed Faculty of Film where he was in the first wave of graduating students.   Friday, October 29, 2004 We went out to Glendon College this…