139. NFB — Grierson — 57min 50s

This fascinating documentary about the father of documentary film features archival footage, interviews with people who knew Grierson and footage of the man himself. All these elements give insight into one of the great forces who shaped the world of film.

Born in Scotland in 1898, Grierson was invited to Canada to study the government's use of film. As a result of his report he became the first Canadian Government Film Commissioner and founded the National Film Board in 1939.

Grierson believed strongly that the filmmaker had a social responsibility, and that film could help a society realize democratic ideals. His absolute faith in the value of capturing the drama of everyday life was to influence generations of filmmakers all over the world. In fact, he coined the term "documentary film."

This is a sensitive and informative portrait of a dynamic man of vision.

Director — Roger Blais
Producer — Roger Blais
Commentary — Donald Brittain
Consultant and interviewer — James Beveridge