In Production with TVOntario
Producer/Director Nina Beveridge
Producer/Editor Paul Hart
Cinematographer Bongo Kolycius

Releasing 2017

Village of Dreams explores our collective Canadian identity through the microcosm of the ethnically diverse Toronto business community known as Gerrard India Bazaar and surrounding area. The blend of grocery, jewellery and clothing stores, religious and kitchen supplies, cafés, restaurants and galleries are owned by a diverse group of South Asian immigrants combined with a recent wave of European Canadians, Aboriginals and other entrepreneurs. This stretch of East Toronto is a vibrant, expressive, unique and colourful mosaic that is ever changing.

The film explores the dreams and aspirations of this multi-cultural, multi-racial community and their individual and collective hopes for Canada, their local business community, themselves and their families. In a community this diverse there are conflicting opinions, approaches and attitudes, but collectively we see the Canadian dream in action – exhibited by this community’s desire for success and passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

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