Beevision Broadcast Design Reel

From 1993 – 2007 Beevision created broadcast design, visual effects and high end corporate animation. We were big fans of Side Effects Software, the creators of Houdini, we had a bunch of Houdini workstations, a Jaleo in the compositing suite and a Gemini award winning Puppetworks Digital Motion Capture system. It’s amazing to think of how far technology has advanced since our humble beginnings. The speed, the storage and the memory of my laptop all exceed our $60,000+ SGI workstations from those days!

I’d like to name some of our fantastic Beevision staff from those good old days – animators Julia Chabad, Adam Bradovka, Khi Hyun-Kim, Zane Waldman, Ammon Riley, Jordan Priede, Marg McGhie & production managers Meghan Chin & Kim Plate.

We had some great business relationships too. Jocelyn Meinert, owner of BIG Studios, was our ally and we would outsource to each other’s companies when our projects exceeded capacity. Our top clients (family!) included CTV Sports (Scott Moore, John Shannon, Dean Bender, John McLarty, Laura Mellanby, Jeff Mather), TVO (Paul Carriere), The Toronto Raptors Basketball Club (Chris McCracken), Harbourfont (William Boyle, Tina Rasmussen), Ivan Landers Productions, Whistlestop Productions (David Hatch) and many more.

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