Original film reels from the North Carolina State Film Board stored at the North Carolina State Archives.   Wednesday, October 27, 2004 It was quite a drive across the state today. We got into Raleigh in late morning and headed over to the State Library. We spent the day going through the North Carolina Film…

New York

Red Burns was the longtime chairwoman of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and considered to be the “Godmother” of Silicon Alley. She joined the NFB when she was only 16 years old and knew my father in the early NFB years.   Monday, October 25, 2004 We arrived in New York last…

NFB Roundtable Interviews

Friday, October 22, 2004 What a day. I had wanted to interview the people that worked with Dad at the NFB in those first few years. We managed to pull together a round table with some of the biggest names in the Canadian film industry; Michael Spencer, Pierre Juneau, Bob Verrall, William Weintraub, and Colin…


Beevision Productions 2004. Paul Hart, Adam Bradovka (Designer/Editor), Nina Beveridge, Meghan Chin (Production Manager). Adam and Meghan were invaluable in making the film.   Thursday, October 21, 2004 Well – I was supposed to be filming at the NFB archives in Montreal today, but alas, passport issues brought me back to Toronto on a last…


Interview with Michel Campeau, Assistant Director, Operations, Asia Branch, Canadian International Development Agency.   Tuesday, October 19, 2004 Our first day on the road. Paul, Bongo, and myself all piled into Bongo’s van and headed up to Ottawa where we saw Michel Campeau at his house. Michel worked with Dad during the Jamia Project in…

York University

Digging into the James and Margaret Beveridge Fonds, stored at the pristine York University Archives.   Monday, October 18, 2004 We spent our first day shooting at York University, going through mountains of personal files in the Beveridge Family Fonds. There is so much information that it is going to take ages to sort. I…

The Calling – Olympic Spirit

Client: Olympic Spirit Toronto Depicting the true spirit of Olympism, The Calling takes an exhilarating look at what it feels like to be at the Olympic Games. This HD film was produced by Team Adrenaline and includes 100 years of archival Olympics footage, with editing and visual effects provided by Beevision. The film is free…

James Beveridge Documentary Pioneer

James Beveridge Documentary Pioneer     My Father The Idealist The Early Days The National Film Board of Canada Burmah Shell Corporation The Laurentians North Carolina State Film Board Expo ’67 New York University York University, Toronto SITE India Walkabout Jamia Millia MCRC The Final Years My Father The Idealist This photo is my favourite…

James Beveridge and daughter Nina at North Carolina's Okracoke Island

Director’s Statement

  I loved my Dad. Everyone did. Humour and language were his greatest gifts, and he shared them liberally with his friends and associates as he frenetically traveled around the globe on his many business pursuits. Dad moved in and out of our family life. Our exuberant weekend visitor, he was always debonair and entertaining.…


Staples Canada campaign
Client: Ivan Landers Productions
This is one of the numerous Staples commercials we posted for Ivan Landers. As well as handling the post and animation on the Staples Canada spots we also did sign and logo replacements on several Staples US spots for air in Canada.

Taboo Golf Resort and TIFF event

Client: Taboo Golf Resort
Produced by Gordon James.
Directed and Edited by Paul Hart.

One of several videos for Taboo that we produced, directed and edited.
Paul Hart had a great time at the TIFF event with the late Gordon James.


Client: MDG Productions
Beevision handled the post production on this 30 second spot.
The 3d talking lime was animated with Houdini.
Editing, compositing and final color correction were all done in Jaleo by Paul Hart.

BPM pitch video

Client: Stornoway Communications
Beevision edited and created the animation for this  pitch video to secure the BPM broadcast license. The license was granted!

Multiple Sclerosis Canada PSA

Multiple Sclerosis Canada PSA featuring Simon Whitfield
Client: RTC Health
This video was made to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and features inspirational MS spokesperson, Olympic Gold medallist  Simon Whitfield.
Edited by Paul Hart
Animation by Beevision

Whistlestop Productions Reel

 Commercial compilation reel Client: Whistlestop Productions This video includes a selection of 30 sec. commercials edited and animated for Whistlestop Productions. Over the years we created dozens of spots like these for BMW, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. For a number of years we shared a studio with Producer David Hatch of Whistlestop Productions…


NetStone Communications promotional video
Client: McLellan Group
A promotional video for Netstone. Beevision developed the storyboard with McLellanGroup  and handled the green screen shoot, 3D animation and post production.



Music of North India – Bhimsen Joshi
Produced by James Beveridge Associates Ltd.
© 1968 James Beveridge Associates Ltd.
Filmed & edited in 16 mm – archival DVD

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